Frequently Asked Questions

What are missed period pills?

Missed period pills are for when someone is late for their normally regular cycle, and needs to manage their menstrual cycle by taking medication to induce their period. It can help people who may be too early to have a pregnancy test, or do not have access to a pregnancy test.

The pills are the same as abortion pills, but the person using them may or may not be pregnant.

So where do I start with buying abortion pills?

Start by going to "Book Now" in the upper right corner of this page. You can click on the service you need and the forms will direct you through the process. There is a video to watch and instructions to download that will answer many of your questions before you get to the point of making the appointment.

Will my insurance cover my visit?

We do not currently accept insurance for these services. We partner with several agencies that help us to assist patients who need financial help for any of these appointment types.

  • Abortion pills: $165 (financial assistance/sliding scale available, specify when filling out forms)
  • Missed period pills: $165 (financial assistance/sliding scale available, specify when filling out forms)
  • After-procedure follow up visit: $0 for patients who had their abortion at Metro Area, $40 if you had your abortion elsewhere.
  • Birth control: $29 for forms-only, $40 for telehealth consult. Includes 6 months of refills called to your pharmacy.
  • Post-pill purchase consult - $0 for patients who got their pills from Metro Area (since they paid in advance for the consult), or $80 if you bought your pills elsewhere.

Can I get a same-day appointment?

We schedule the next day and later, to give you time to complete the full consent and intake process before your visit.