Missed Period/Menstrual Management Pills at Metro Area

If you're late for your regular cycle, do not have interest or access to a pregnancy test, and would like to manage your cycle and induce your period.

Metro Area Advanced Practice Healthcare is committed to increasing access and reducing barriers to menstrual management and inducing missed periods through pills. We offer this via telehealth or in person.

This is not the same as an abortion or miscarriage - to qualify for missed period pills, you may not have tested positive for pregnancancy.

We are able to provide this service in different ways to give you the best care.

Via telemedicine - phone call, video visit, or intake forms only

  • Shipped to you or someone you trust in Maryland, Virginia, DC, or Maine.
  • You can do a phone or asynchronous visit (where your medical intake information is sent to us for review).
  • Our partner pharmacy will send your pillsacy.

Via office visit in Bethesda, MD

  • Get your medications at your visit and get your questions answered.

This service is not currently covered by insurance, and costs $165 for a telehealth visit ($185 for an office visit). Fee includes all medications, medical support, and any follow up visit as needed. If you are unable to pay this amount, we are able to work with you for a discounted fee. There is a place to indicate this on your forms.